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IBRA Bamboo Journal 23 January 2022 : Effect of intermediate / spiral wrapping on stiffness and twist of a hollow rod

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NEW! HEX to TRI taper calculator
Go to HexToTriCalculator.xlsx EXCEL program

NEW 2016: Graphite Rod Making DIY Is Possible!- CLICK HERE
Extreme Hollow Building Technique and "Is This Possible - a 7' #4 Rod of 57 Gram ? - CLICK HERE
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Power Fibers January 2019 (Vol 62): Rodmaker Profile by Tapani Salmi
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Power Fibers Oct 2005 (Vol 21) article: "Amateur Experiments with Planing Forms" by Tapani Salmi
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Current issue of Power Fibers Internet journal (Todd Talsma)
Make a HEXACONAL CANE FERRULE using a Allen Wrench (HEX socket) Key
Weighing epoxy or other two compoment glue/varnish with a Rodmakers precision scale - in English
Make a SCARF JOINT FERRULE to the cane rod using SHRINK TUBE material - in English

Make a guiding groove for your index finger to the cork grip of your rod and get extra control of the rod - in English

This is a simple EXCEL program to convert a 6 strip taper into four of five strip taper
Calculate a 4 (quad) or 5 (penta) strip rod and diameters of soaked strips - in English

How to make a cheap and easy-to-make cane coated brass-tube ferrule to your split cane rod
Build a CANE COATED FERRULE - in English

Experimentation with an inside-out split cane rod, adjust the taper of the completed rod!
Build an INSIDE-OUT Bamboo Rod - in English

A cheap, practical and easy-to-make fly hook sharpener - do-it-yourself in 5 minutes:
Fly HOOK SHARPENER - in English

After wrap varnishing you may need a rod turner. With this construction you can turn six rods simultaneously!
A Six ROD TURNER - in English

ADULT PAGES - for middle aged flyfishermen and -women only! If you need a magnifying glass for fly tying, rod making and knot tying you should visit this page!
A Practical MAGNIFYING LENS for a Flyfisherman - in English

If you tie your flies you can now build a cheap TEST TANK to explore the action of your wet flies in running water. Build a FLY TEST TANK - in English

CC (Common Cents system) Tables for Euro (5 Cent and 1 Cent) Coins Test your Rods

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