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Every flyfisherman needs one or several flyboxes to keep his flys in order and to find the "magic bullet" when required when fishing. There are boxes available in stores and you may do a fly box for ordinary wet and dry flys using different kind of boxes with a foam bottom to fix the hooks.
I have not had any smart box to TUBE FLIES. I have tried small pockets manufactured from plastic sheet and different kind of boxes. Anyhow, there are lot of my tube flies in bottom of different Finnish and artic rivers!

What you need is a smart tube fly box to store the tube flys, to keep them in neat order and to take them into use and a box to allow you to visualize the flys easily.

This tube fly box consists of a COMB to have peaks to keep the tubes fixed. The box is extremly easy to do and it is almost free of costs.
To start you need a comb.
This is an easy task to a flyfisherman who typically is already bald or don't want to use comb anyhow. If your tubes are thick you need a comb with thick peaks and if the tubes are very thin you perhaps have to cut/file the peaks thinner.
The box actually may be any box but a tranparent is more practical. Any fly box may be used! I have used a thin CD/DVD cover to tube fly box. It is not very strong and the joints have to be ensured and strenghed. In addition to the box you need strong tape. The tools you may need are a knife and a scissor.

A comb with a straight back is best suited but you also may put it straight using the knive

Every two from three (2 /3) of the peaks of the comb may be cut off

If your tube flys are thick, cut the peaks shorter. If the tubes are thin you may make the peaks thinner

Fix the comb to the bottom of the box using the strong tape. Adjust the tapes to provide the comb with hinges to allow to rise the flys

If the joints of the CD/DVD box are weak you may strengthen them.

Put the flys to the peaks
The tube fly box is ready to be used.
You see the fly patterns throug the cover and as the comb is provided with hinges it is easy to pick the right one

to have TIGHT LINES!
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